I can already hear her voice calling in my head. Something about not being fast enough. I’m never fast enough for her. I’m never fast enough for me either. I wish I was. I wish I was like her.





Ostracizing Humanity is a Sims 3 legacy set during a zombie apocalypse. It is currently following the story of the second heir, Rowena Astlyr.

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Diana is the author of Ostracizing Humanity.

I was born in Romania and I currently live in Canada. Ostracizing Humanity is my first Sims 3 legacy and my first “official” Sims 3 story as well.

Always open to critics and comments! Hope you enjoy!

Huge thanks to…

My friends Arielle, Guillaume and Virginie, if it weren’t for you, this wouldn’t exist. Thank you for always cheering me up, enduring my poor writing and for always making time to read it. Arielle, without your magic words that randomly make my creativity spike this story wouldn’t have gotten past the first chapter and Guillaume, without your very, very general critics, this story would have kept on being complete and utter crap. Virginie, without your incredible motivational sermons, I wouldn’t even have started writing in the first place.

Once again, thank you!


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